Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am Stephanie, love to write. I am starting this blog to share my experience of growing up with an addict. Living & growing up with an addict is one of the most challenging things to go through. I have an alcoholic & drug additive parents. One got sober, the other sadly to say hasn't. Growing up I went through tough times as loosing our house, no money, not getting fed, etc. I would tell other people what was going on but no one believed me cause of how young I was/am. It took many years for people to just start to see the crazy life I lived everyday and the home life I had to go to. It was tough, but now it made me a better person. This blog is going to be about my experiences since I was young, and my tips to help you cope; because living with an addict is the most hardest thing someone has to go through. & I want to help, I want you to connect with me as my journey though life continues; your there every step of the way. I can help you, and you can help me. Were a team.


  1. Hi! This is jenicoe2001 from eHow. It would be great if you would follow my blog also here on blogspot! :) You have a very compelling story and a way of writing. You really should think about writing a book about your life eperiences. Jen

  2. Stephanie, stay strong. It sounds like you have not had a lot of support growing up but you are finding ways of being healthy despite the odds. Keep it up.