Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to manage?!

How to manage your self living with an Addict. When I say addict I am talking from drugs users to alcoholics. Its very hard to manage your own life when living with an addict believe me I know!
But think to your self, should I stop living my life to watch them not listen and continue harming them self? The answer is no, don't let them ruin your life. I lost many years to an alcoholic mother and I tried to help her my whole life was revolved around her. & I put all that time and effort & still nothing changed.

So the question is how do you manage?

1. Don't let them bring you down! Addicts are known for bringing down others with them.

2. Focus on your future, and what you want to achieve in life. No one can stop you from what you really want.

3. Have you time. Go out and do what you want getting away from them is a great thing, they are toxic.

4. Think & tell your self you have done everything possible. Don't beat your self up from it.

5. Talk to friends or close relatives about what your concerns are, or just vent to them. We all need that.

6. Write down how you are feeling, its emotional and very draining. This is very helpful to release all that stress and be content for a little bit.

7. Whatever you do don't give in to them. That's just giving them way to much power.

8. Don't let them influence or control your life.

My years of growing up was the hardest, I never knew how to cope with living with an addict and it lead me down a dark road for a bit. But now I am out to share with others.

My sister died at the age of 7, when I was just a baby. After she passed on its been a down spiral since. I lost my caring loving mother, who took care of her family, to a bottle of vodka. My family & I have done everything we could to help her but she still never wanted to get better. Our happy days of being a family soon came to a end when Jade died. I cant say I knew my sister very much since I was a baby, But I can say not having in her in our lives lead our family down the path of destruction.